My art is stagnating pretty hard right now, so let’s try this whole “get out of your comfort zone” thing.

Lovely little Aurora from this year’s Child of Light. Play this game. Listen to this soundtrack over and over again.

Just felt like drawing bats. I stopped looking at reference when I realized nature was just making shit up.

Nowhere else for The Mountain to go from here. Bust out the Venom, Qyburn. Gregor Clebane.

First crack at sketch_dailies over on Twitter. Today’s theme is Cat Burglar.


I’ll prolly color this tomorrow. I kinda just want to go play more now.


net-proshloro asked:

hello! that ff fan art you posted recently—is there a way to get that on a t-shirt? like, do you have a society6 or something of that kind? that would be so cool! i would buy 10.


Hey, thanks! I actually am looking into getting these designs out there. I’ve currently got a six-color version of the Black Waltz design subbed at Riptapparel, but of that doesn’t go through I’ll absolutely see about getting it going at Society6. I just got my storefront there set up and will have prints going up (hopefully) pretty frequently.

Three of my favorite, under-represented bad dudes from Final Fantasy 9. Will likely be selling a print of this one soon. Links to come.